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[About the business]

● What kind of business are you developing?
A: We mainly plan and manufacture textile products (OEM), but we also develop and sell our original products.
● What kind of brand are you developing?
A: There are "I Love Daddy & Mom", "Boomert", "Panda Mania", etc. in the children's clothing of Nagoya Sales Office.
● Is it possible to do business anywhere in Japan?
A: Of course it is possible. Please feel free to contact us.
● I am a general customer, can I buy the product?
A: We are planning to start selling on our homepage soon, and linen products such as sheets are currently on sale at Yahoo! Shopping (sleeping shop Yahoo! store). As for children's clothing, we do not sell it to the general public as it is only sold wholesale.
● Are there any plans to hire new graduates or experienced employee?
A: Not currently available, but we may recruit on our website.

[About the product]

● Where do you produce your products?
A: Most of the products are in China. Depending on the person in charge, we also produce in Korea and Japan.
● Where can I browse and purchase products?
A: There are many retailers,so please contact us directly. Linen products can be purchased at Yahoo! Shopping (sleeping shop Yahoo! store). The URL is here →
● Do you do OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?
A: We do it in each department. Please feel free to contact us.
● Is it possible to handle only by creating patterns and patterns?
A: We are in charge of commercialization, so we do not accept only pattern / pattern creation.
● Is it possible to outsource the production of original products?
A: Not all, but we will consider whether we can accept it depending on the product, so please feel free to contact us.
● Do you have a product catalog?
A: Currently, there is no such thing.


● I am a sole proprietor. I would like to purchase your company's products. Is it possible?
A: If an agreement can be made on the transaction between the sole proprietor and our company, it will be possible, so please contact us.
● Can you handle small quantity purchases?
A: It depends on the product, so please contact us.
● What is the multiplication rate (purchase price)?
A: It depends on the product, so please contact us.
● Is it possible to return or exchange defective products?
A: Of course, we will respond, but we may make arrangements in advance before the start of transactions.